Sr. Technical Advisor - Environmental

Job categories Environment
Vacancy code VA/2020/B5002/20677
Level ICS-12
Department/office ECR, AUMCO, Water and Energy Cluster
Duty station Home based
Contract type International ICA
Contract level IICA-3
Duration 95 days
Application period 03-Nov-2020 to 08-Nov-2020

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The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is an operational arm of the United Nations, supporting the successful implementation of its partners' peacebuilding, humanitarian and development projects around the world. UNOPS supports partners to build a better future by providing services that increase the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of peace building, humanitarian and development projects. Mandated as a central resource of the United Nations, UNOPS provides sustainable project management, procurement and infrastructure services to a wide range of governments, donors and United Nations organizations. 

Background Information - UNOPS Water and Energy Cluster (WEC)

UNOPS Water and Energy Cluster (WEC) supports the design and management of multi-stakeholder initiatives by providing services in financial and grant management, procurement, human resources, and project management. The cluster has supported projects in the areas of water resource management, climate change adaptation, mitigation and transparency, energy access and distribution and environmental conservation under the Paris Agreement. The WEC has also supported operations and financial management services, in Vienna, the rest of the ECR region and beyond. The main partners include UN agencies such as UNEP and UNDP, bilateral donors (Nordic countries, Germany and Italy), the Green Climate Fund and several NGOs (such as CIFF and CWF). 

Background Information – South China Sea SAP (SCS SAP) Project

The South China Sea is a strategic body of water surrounded by nations that are currently at the helm of industrialization and rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Recent reports identified coastal communities bordering the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand as being among the most at risk globally from coastal and marine environmental degradation. This issue has been acknowledged by the countries of the South China Sea, who have committed to a 20-year process of cooperation to reverse environmental degradation trends. This is evidenced by the intergovernmental endorsement of the Strategic Action Programme for the South China by Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This commitment was further reinforced in 2016 when the abovementioned countries signed a special Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) committing to cooperate with one another to implement the Strategic Action Programme (SAP). 

This commitment provided a clear signal to the International community to support the financing of the SAP through various projects, including the project entitled “Implementing the Strategic Action Programme for the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand (SCS SAP Project)”. The project objective is to assist countries in meeting the targets of the approved Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the marine and coastal environment of the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand through implementation of the National Action Plans in support of the SAP, and strengthening regional co-ordination for South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand SAP implementation. The project aims to address habitat degradation, land-based pollution and regional cooperation. This will be achieved through the following Components:

  • Component 1. Reducing habitat degradation and loss via national and local reforms to achieve Strategic Action Programme targets for coastal habitat management in the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand

  • Component 2. Strengthening knowledge-based action planning for the management of coastal habitats and land-based pollution to reduce environmental degradation of the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand

  • Component 3. Facilitating regional and national level integration and cooperation for implementation of the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand Strategic Action Programme

The Project Inception Phase aims to fully elaborate and detail activities, workplans and budgets as well as to identify the execution arrangements, partners and stakeholders for each output and/or activity for execution of activities. The Inception Phase is an opportunity for countries and project partners to collectively review, discuss and adjust the project outputs and activities to ensure that the project is align with new global, regional and national initiatives, commitments and reporting to global conventions and processes, given the period of time between the SAP adoption in 2008, the CEO endorsement in 2016 and the present. 

At the national level, the inception phase will focus on the further development and finalization of the National Implementation Report (NIR) which is regarded as the national project documents with fully developed workplans and budgets ready for national execution. Draft NIRs have been prepared but would require further inputs from participating countries, taking into consideration new and emerging issues such as SDGs, CBD Post 2020 framework, climate change, blue/green growth and circular economy, technology in monitoring and assessments, and regional and national strategic priorities and initiatives, among others. 

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